Young Leaders

Young Leader’s Programme

If you are a confirmed young person and keen to get involved in youth activities in the parish, maybe our young leader’s programme is for you!

You will attend a series of training sessions over the course of a few weeks and submit a written assignment. If you are over 18 years of age you will require a DBS clearance which is free and clears you to work with children and young people within Holy Rood.

Young Leader’s are then asked to help on the confirmation programme and other youth ministry events throughout the year – you just sign up for those you know you can commit to. Being a Young Leader is great for your CV and if you are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, it can be your service component too!

Currently programmes run once a year in the Autumn – if you are interested in joining the next programme, you should email HRYM to let us know!

When a programme is active, all the details will be posted on this page.