Holy Rood Swindon is blessed to have a large group of volunteers, working in many areas of our parish life. HRYM team is an example of an energetic and dedicated group of volunteers who selflessly give their time and their talents to further God’s kingdom here in our church.

This page is for them – to celebrate their work; to inform and encourage and to remind them how much they are valued.

”  volunteers are a vital part of our churches running smoothly. Something that makes them even more remarkable is that they often go unrecognized. Volunteers must be willing to humbly serve Christ and their brothers and sisters without ever expecting to shine in the spotlight…” (Ed Stetzer, 2018)

Thank you to all our HRYM team for everything you do – if you would like something in particular shared on this page, email the HRYM email address and I will organise it!

Areas we always need volunteers for:

Catechesis – Confirmation, First Holy Communion, Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Music Ministry – there are many different music groups / choirs who lead worship across the weekend masses.

Reading the word of God – the word of God is proclaimed at every mass and confident readers are always needed

Altar Serving – another important role which helps masses to run smoothly

Social Action roles – helpers are welcome for the Book Stall, the Fairtrade Stall and for the regular food bank collections.

If you would like to offer yourself for any of these ministries, email the HRYM team and we will put you in contact with the relevant person!

Volunteer Socials – we like to get  together as volunteers to have some fun and get to know each other better! The next event is a Barbeque at Coate Water on Saturday 3rd September 2022. Bring your own drink and meat for the BBQ – 11.30 to 3.30pm

All Welcome!





Holy Rood Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Click here for our Safeguarding Policy – as a volunteer you will be given a copy, asked to read it and keep it safe for referencing if you have any  safeguarding concerns.