Welcome to the Confirmation Information Page!

This page is for all current confirmation candidates at Holy Rood, Swindon. Here you will find all you need to know about the programme – including dates, so if you’ve forgotten where you need to be when, you can find out here!


Confirmation 2023-2024 Programme

The programme dates have been set – to access the calendar 




Parent’s Information meeting 


Parents should have received an invitation via email to the 


All baptism certificates should have been presented for verification – if this is still outstanding, please let us know when we can expect to be able to complete this.

If not you can access it here.


Prayer Apps, Aids and Resources

Below is a list of recommended resources which you may like to try to get the most out of your prayer time. For more resources check out our online resources catalogue here. If you would like us to add anything to this catalogue, just let us know!


Universalis – an online missal which also offers Lectio Divina, Spiritual Readings and the Rosary. This App has a one-off charge, currently £10.99

YouCat Daily – a free app which offers a daily 5 minute dose of the most important texts of the Catholic church, includes an explanation of how the reading relates to our daily lives and an inspirational quote.

Pray as You Go – a daily prayer session designed for portable devices, to help you pray whenever you find time, but particularly whilst travelling. There is no cost for this app.

Sacred Space – another free app, Sacred Space is inspired by the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola. The app guides you through a session of prayer in six stages; the presence of God, freedom, consciousness, the Word, conversation and conclusion. Each stage is a kind of exercise or meditation aimed at helping you get in touch with God and God’s presence in your life.

Prayer Aids

10 Steps to Prayer from YouCat Prayer Book – follow the Little School of Prayer from YouCat, accessible from the link to Clifton Diocese Website below. You will be taken to a page called Beholding God, click on Prayer in…the Catechism to find these helpful 10 steps. The page has lots of other great stuff on it too!

The Little School of Prayer

Called to More – The Definitive Guide to Prayer

You can find Called for More on the internet – www.calledtomore.org or follow them on Facebook – they are a Catholic apostolate based in Dublin, Ireland. They have released a series of 5 videos called Colloquy 1 – 5, the first one being about improving your personal prayer life. Find it on YouTube.





Interesting / Recommended Resources

Check out @youthministryteam on FaceBook –

The Youth Ministry Team (YMT) was set up at the request of Bishop Ambrose Griffiths back in 1993. The main purpose is to communicate the Gospel using various creative means to the young.

“We gather young people from all over the world to live a community lifestyle for a 10-month volunteer programme, which includes training in various ways of communicating the Gospel. Each team member receives full board, accommodation and monthly allowance along with training in creative evangelisation such as drama, mime and effective communication.”

Their latest video discusses The Creed – why do we say this as part of our mass celebration?

Watch it here